Our Vision



At Colour Conference 2019, Erwin McManus was talking about the Way of the Warrior and I heard God say so clearly to me -

God: I want my Children equipped for Battle
Me: How ?
God: By making them WHOLE in their BODY, SPIRIT & SOUL

In the Church and generally in Christianity today, when wholeness is talked about, it’s often just talked about in a spiritual way. The Devil noticed that and begun to attack where we have given him leeway- in our Body and Soul. He attacks our Soul through mental health difficulties and identity crises, he attack’s our body through physical illnesses and body image.

Because we haven’t been equipped in this area, many of us are loosing our battles because we are trying to fight a battle of the Soul or Body using the tools of the Spirit and it isn’t working.

God is saying, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. He wants to restore us to our original form of operation and restore the wholeness that came with that. Through this wholeness, we are ready for war because, in case you didn’t notice, were all under attack and we’re all on the battlefield; Christian OR NOT.

So, tune into this series and LET’S WAGE WAR!!!


Motunrayo Onafowokan,