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It's been about three weeks now since I spiralled into the most unfamiliar place I have ever found myself in, in my walk with God. The only words to describe that place is LOST. 

As I come out of that season, I want to talk about how the ways I dealt with this feeling of being lost, can help YOU. 

And there are two things I want to focus on -


There is nothing you can achieve in this world without having an intention to do so. 

Let me paint a picture for you. 

I have a friend, this friend means a lot to me and our friendship plays a significant role in my life. Anytime we fight or have an argument, I make an effort to make sure the friendship sees it through that rough patch because I know the role the friendship plays in my life. Anytime things feel "off " in the friendship, I do not give up and say this is the end of our relationship, I stay the path and work through the motions because, again, I know the role this friendship plays in my life. 

This I believe should mirror our relationship with God. You know the role God plays in your life, so why will you want to let the relationship die over a rough patch ? or a TEMPORARY season?

In this post, I want to implore you to take these intentional steps to making sure you stay the path in your relationship with God regardless of the season you find yourself in. Though this is no handbook, I believe it serves as a guideline on how not to get lost or rather, how to stay the path even when you FEEL lost.

In the parable of the Prodigal son, the son who was lost walked back  home. Even though he had so many doubts about whether his father will take him back, he took the first step, kept on walking and found his way back home to meet a father with open arms. This parable is used as a metaphor of our relationship with God and how when we decide to walk back to him, we will always find him with open arms no matter what we have done. 

On a practical level however, I'd like to unpack the significance of the walk from the pig pen to his fathers house. I believe that that walk signifies the steps we all need to take whilst walking back to the presence of the Lord. With each step the son took, he must have been filled with doubt as to whether or not his journey back was worth it,  he was unsure that his father will take him back but, guess what? He kept walking. I beg to differ that this was not because the doubt in his head had gone but instead, because he had the intention of finding out whether or not his father will take him back.

So how does this apply to you and your current state? 

It made me ask myself the question, do I have the intention of experiencing the presence of God ? If I say I do, are my actions in line with this ? These are two important questions you need to ask yourself. Essentially, are you intentionally seeking the presence of God ? 

 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these. things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33

When you are lost, you need to seek and as the word of God promises, you will find. Unlike the lost son, you have the promise that you will find God the Father with open arms, no doubt whatsoever, so what are you waiting for ?

I am very aware of how easy it is to recoil to a comfortable place of laziness to seek a relationship with God when you feel lost BUT, if you know  how important your relationship with God is to you,  you need to wake up and continue to seek until you find. 

Some of you maybe thinking, Okay I get it, seek God. But How ? 

As I mentioned earlier there is no rule book but here are my guidelines. 

  • Take Prayer Walks. These are very refreshing and empowering. They help you focus on you and God and God often reveals a lot to you as you walk, not through a loud voice but through a change in your perspective.

  • BUY A JOURNAL, NOW. If you haven't already, buy yourself a journal and start writing to God, about God, for God. WRITE, WRITE, WRITE, EVERYTHING.

  • Join You Version App and do a plan that is in link with your season i.e you feel disappointed, do a bible plan on dealing with disappointment. I believe so much in seasons because thats how God works, in seasons and so it is very important to figure out your seasons. There are general seasons and specific seasons ( don't want to go into this on here but feel free to message me about it)

  • Watch Sermons in tune with your season

  • Read books in tune with your season

  • Check your friendships, are your friends as lost as you are ? If so, how can you work to change that as a friendship group ? Are your friends the reason why you are lost ? If so, how can you change your friendship group? What types of conversations are you having with your friends, your group chats and on FaceTime? are they edifying ? I recall a period in my life when I realised that the conversations I was having with my friends was not edifying my Spirit and so I'd let the phone calls ring till they cut the phone or I'd mute my group chats until I had confirmation form God and I was ready to commit to leaving those friendships.

  • What types of songs are you listening to? Are you watching more Netflix than Sermons ? I am in no way saying you cannot listen to secular music or watch secular movies/ shows BUT, I will be lying if I said it didn't matter what you listened to and what you watched. We all know that what goes in comes out. What you digest is what you become, change your diet.

  • Make Use of the Holy Spirit in you. If you can, speak in Tongues. If you can't ask the Holy Spirit to fill you so that you begin to.

  • GO TO CHURCH. This is not some legalistic principle, it should be a way of life, not because this is what signifies your relationship with God but because this is what edifies your relationship with God. In Church, don't be an attendee, be a member. Get involved, join connect groups, join a team, do something and get connected because this is how the edifying occurs, not by listening to the preacher every Sunday.

  • Go for Christian Events. I say this because it's almost like going on a date with God. It's an intentional sacrifice to meet with God in a certain place at a certain time and on a certain day and I with no doubt, he will not stand you up. Some Upcoming Events that I go for can be found on the events page.



But it is not enough to seek, you must also seek consistently. 


The lost son in the parable didn't just take one step and give up. He continued to walk until he met his Father. 

You might be reading this thinking, I have done all these things but nothing seems to be working. Can I challenge you to continue ? Keep walking. Perhaps the lost son knew he had to keep walking because he walked a long way away from his father so it only made sense that he will have to walk a long way back ? Not that it is mandatory that your journey back is long but if it took you 10 years to stray away from God, who are you to think it will take you 10 days to gain it all back ? 

THAT BEING SAID, the parable says,

"But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him." Luke 15:20 

So, though you might feel very far away, know that God wants you to find him more than you yourself wants to find him so he will run to you when you are still far away. But, you need to take the first step and be consistent until you find him again. 


This post has addressed how not to stay Lost when you already are because summer is already full on and I presume you might already be lost, as I was. But, for those of you reading who want to prevent getting lost, the same applies, be intentional in staying in his presence and be consistent in your walk. 



I hope this helps in anyway possible. And If not, Let's Talk. ( Make use of the LET'S TALK FEATURE, top right of page  )

Have an AMAZING SUMMER and don't get lost in the sun.

Love always,