20 Things From The First Two Decades Of My Life

  1. Nothing is over till God says so 
  2. I came to this world alone so I cannot help someone fulfil their purpose before first fulfilling mine 
  3. You need others to help you carry your burdens but you have to carry theirs too
  4. My story is unique no matter how similar it is 
  5. You can reinvent yourself as often as you want and are willing to 
  6. You can enjoy your career path 
  7. Love is worth fighting for 
  8. It’s only when you step out of your comfort zone that you can discover your real self 
  9. It’s okay to ask for help 
  10. It’s okay to cry; it’s okay to cry physical tears not just silent tears because your tears are words and seeds planted 
  11. Because it happened to them that way, doesn’t mean it will happen to you too
  12. God will fight for you, you need only be silent 
  13. Something is always missing, enjoy what isn’t 
  14. The more you want the more you don’t have 
  15. Seasons of isolation are crucial 
  16. You’re not the only one going through immense pain but you’re the only one who gets to define your pain 
  17. It’s important to find your own personal taste in music, not just what is mainstream 
  18. We all have a bit of crazy in us
  19. 20 Friends cannot play together for 20 years 
  20. The promise still stands 

Turning 20 has been the biggest deal to me for the longest time. I'm never really excited for birthdays because I don't come from a family that tends to celebrate things but, this year I decided that there is much worth celebrating. About two weeks ago, I wasn't quite as excited as I am today because the Devil had crippled me in fear and anxiety about my life and God's promises for my life but I kept on pushing and I'm slowly coming out on the other side. The last two decades have been enlightening, I have learnt much more than that list can express. I hope some of those words resonated with you or at least, got you thinking. 

So much happens in your 20's and people often dread it but I will not let that be my story and neither should you. The word for this year has been, There Is More and without a shadow of a doubt, I believe as I step into 20, no matter what the day to day might seem, Almighty God has so much more in store for me. 

Happy 20th Birthday to me. 

Love Always, 

Motunrayo Onafowokan

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