How Not to Get Lost in Summer



It's been about three weeks now since I spiralled into the most unfamiliar place I have ever found myself in my walk with God. The only words to describe that place is lost. 

As I come out of that season,  I want to talk about how the ways I dealt with this feeling of being lost, can help YOU. 

And there is one thing I want to focus on -


There is nothing you can achieve in this world without having an intention to do so. 

Let me paint a picture for you. 

I have a friend, this friend means a lot to me and our friendship plays a significant role in my life. Anytime we fight or have an argument, I make an effort to make sure the friendship sees it through that rough patch because I know the role the friendship plays in my life. Anytime things feel "off " in the friendship, I do not give up and say this is the end of our relationship, I stay the path and work through the motions because, again, I know the role this friendship plays in my life. 

This I believe should mirror our relationship with God. You know the role God plays in your life, so why will you want to let the relationship die over a rough patch ? or a TEMPORARY season?

In this post, I want to implore you to take these intentional steps to making sure you stay the path in your relationship with God regardless of the season you find yourself in. Though this is no handbook, I believe it serves as a guideline on how not to get lost or rather, how to stay the path even when you FEEL lost.