So, I have this crazy idea ..

Have you ever started off something or had a crazy idea and thought to yourself no matter how hard it is, and what people say, I won't give up ? And then when it gets hard and people say things, you start to entertain another crazy idea, giving up ? 

Well, maybe not you, but I have. I have started things with so much passion, vision and enthusiasm and though I haven't quit them physically , which quite frankly I can't really seen as one of them is my degree, I have quit them mentally. 

Have you ever started something knowing it was going to be hard but when that very thing got hard, you got ready to quit ? 

I have and I'm sure at least one of you have and so the question we have to ask ourselves today is, so why did we start ?

After taking my gap  year and learning all the amazing things I learnt, I  remember saying to myself before I started uni ; "Okay Motun, I know this is going to be hard, you're going to be studying PPE  which includes Maths and Stats which aren't your strong points and you're going to take on a language, BUT, you want to do this, you want to make yourself indispensable, you have a vision". 

And so I embarked on this journey, and though I am using my degree as an example, this is just a microcosmic example. I embarked on this journey to overcome, to push through, to fight through everything that was going to be hard and the discouraging comments that were going to be made. 

But, somewhere along the way, I stopped. 

I stopped and I begun to believe the comments, believe that maybe I really can't do this, maybe I really can't overcome, maybe I really am not good enough in every sense of the word. Maybe this is not for me and I'm just being over ambitious. I begun to quit mentally and get tired physically, lost my drive, my motivation and my vision. I lost sight of the bigger picture and begun to focus on the hardship of the now,  the today,  the moment. 

Many of you reading this may be there right now, lost and discouraged, tired of how hard it is. I mean you KNEW it was going to be hard but you never imagined it being THIS hard so,  you're tired; ready to quit and settle for less. You are thinking of dropping it altogether, giving up on the passion, settling for the next best thing. 

So here is my crazy Idea, 

How about you don't ? 

How about you stick it out, fight through the pain, overcome the hardship with the vision in sight and make it to the other side victorious ? How about you keep on making videos even though your subscribers aren't going up ? How about you keep on writing when your comments/ retweets/ and likes aren't improving ? How about you keep studying that module you don't understand ? How about you keep learning that language/ instrument when it's taking a lot of your time ? How about you don't give up on that freindship/ relationship ? How about you keep going  to uni ? How about you keep waking up in the morning ? My crazy idea is; HOW ABOUT YOU KEEP BELIEVING GOD WHEN YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES AREN'T CHANGING ? 

I know It's hard, the pain is legitimate but, own that pain and allow the pressure push you into your destiny. DO NOT lose sight of the end goal, stop fixating your eyes on today's emotions and circumstances. OVERCOME TODAY'S PAIN TO ENJOY TOMORROW'S PURPOSE. 

Of course you can't overcome in your own strength BUT GOD IS WITH YOU. Emmanuel, God with us, he never left you nor forsook you. He is there when you cry yourself to sleep, he is there in the moments when you're confused, he is always there. And, he is waiting for you; to lift your eyes off you and your circumstances and fix your eyes on him and his word which says, YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS YOU. 

So, I have this crazy Idea; How about you keep believing God when your circumstances aren't changing and decide not to quit on whatever it is that is hard in your life right now. 

How about you don't give up. 

Love always,