Exam Season

Lately I’ve been intentionally making space and time for getting into God’s Presence and there’s been nothing like it especially in the midst of exam season.

In this season it’s so easy to speak like the rest of the world and say things like “ I can’t do it” “ I’m not ready” “ I can’t come and die abeg” “I cannot come and Kill myself” “ MI O LE WA KU” ( my personal favourite if I’m being honest ), but no, pause and think about what you’re  saying.

Do the words you’re speaking reflect the stillness you receive in his presence? Do they reflect the words of his promises like,”You are the head and not the tail” , “ I have plans of good and not of evil for you, to bring you to an expected end” “ I will give you exceedingly abundantly above all you could ever ask for and dream of” and, one I recently became aware of “ He is my champion defender, there is no risk of failure with God, so why will I let worry paralyse me ?!!” . 

This is a super short post because all I want to say to you is STOP! STOP, STOP, STOP. Stop speaking negative words over yourself, over your destiny and your future. The words of the tongue are very powerful,  as your  African Mother or Aunt have probably repeatedly told you, and if they haven’t hear it from me, THE WORDS OF THE TONGUE ARE POWERFUL, which is a Bible verse incase you were wondering. Just quit speaking about your exams negatively EVEN IF you feel like you’re not ready, EVEN IF, all your friends are doing so, after all it is by Grace through Faith that anything is possible so don’t belittle your Faith by feeding your own self with negativity and don’t deny God’s Grace by speaking based on your own strengths and ability . 


Love always,