Okay Let Me Be Honest...

Many of us, God is waiting on us and we think we are the one's waiting on God. And this is because while we are busy whining, complaining, throwing pity parties, being scared and anxious, God is like, okay Angels, when she/he begins to praise my name, pour down my blessings. Essentially, your pessimistic state of mind and posture is the only thing hindering God from moving on your behalf.... 



Do the words you’re speaking reflect the stillness you receive in his presence? Do they reflect the words of his promises like,”You are the head and not the tail” , “ I have plans of good and not of evil for you, to bring you to an expected end” “ I will give you exceedingly abundantly above all you could ever ask for and dream of” and, one I recently became aware of “ He is my champion defender, there is no risk of failure with God, so why will I let worry paralyse me ?!!” .         


Here is a compilation of some of the sermons that have shaped my journey thus far, 10 to be exact . Enjoy xx

                                             COLOUR 2018 HIGHLIGHTS 

This is my story, but, it’s your story too. As you read, learn, grow, take from my words and allow them imprint on your lives.
— Love always, Motunrayo