Here is a compilation of some of the sermons that have shaped my journey thus far, 10 to be exact . Enjoy xx



                  "But I Just Can't Pray ..."

When life gets hard and we find ourselves in dire situations, we have two general responses ; Fight or Flight. Sometimes we fight, many many many times, we chose flight. 

When life hits us or we don't understand or it's just too hard, we tend to let our weakness stop us from fighting our battles, stop us from seeking God and leaning on the Holy Spirit who is there to be the very thing we need in those moments, strength. We succumb to our weakness, cry, complains and forget we have a warrior inside of us. 



         So, I have this crazy Idea... 

Have you ever started off something or had a crazy idea and thought to yourself no matter how hard it is, and what people say, I won’t give up ? And then when it gets hard and people say things, you start to entertain another crazy idea, giving up ?

Well, maybe not you, but I have. I have started things with so much passion, vision and enthusiasm and though I haven’t quit them physically , which quite frankly I can’t really seen as one of them is my degree, I have quit them mentally.
This is my story, but, it’s your story too. As you read, learn, grow, take from my words and allow them imprint on your lives.
— Love always, Motunrayo