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For Each of my blogpost’s I normally ponder on the Topic at least a week in advance and I ask the Holy Spirit to speak through me. This week however, it seems like the Holy Spirit wants to speak to me and anyone else who may be going through a season of pain. It’s currently 12 am Sunday 17th September 2017 and I sit in bed pondering on various struggles I have and am overcoming in my life. As I ponder, the Holy Spirit continuously nudges me with the reminder, “ This is pain but there is a purpose”.

This is probably going to be a very short post but here you go-


It has been amazing watching how these truths have made me who I am today as I turn 19. They have and are still helping me grow and I pray they help you too , my dear reader. Thank you for coming along this journey with me in the last few months. 19 is going to be bigger, brighter and better. 

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